How will it work?
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The transition from one Billdu app to more apps will begin in September 2023.

  • First in App Store / Play Store new apps appear

  • Then functions features in the apps will disappear from the Billdu Invoice Maker app.

    If you have automatic updates turned on, your Invoice Maker app will update automatically

  • Based on what features you need you can download any additional app

    • Appointments & Booking

    • Instant Website

    • eCommerce Store

  • You can log in with the same email address to any app to find your data synchronized. You will see the same business details, customers, products, services etc.

    You can find your email address for your account under Settings - My Team

Your subscription for Billdu Invoice Maker will be still active and continue as usual.

For the new apps you get a 30-day free trial.

If you like one of the apps, you can buy a subscription in the app for any business of yours (in case of more businesses they need a separate subscription).

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