What are Business Tools?
Business Tools is a wide a range of features which helps you to create your own web presence, communicate with potential clients, sell your products and let customers book your services. It has never been easier to set up your online presence as it is now.

Which tools are available?

What are the advantages and possibilities?

You can expand your current sales channels to new territorials, manage your orders, online store and the entire invoicing with your Billdu app.

Example: Let's say your company offers services and sells products and don't have any website, maybe an Instagram profile. This is where Billdu's Business Tools come in handy.
First of all you set up your public profile so the world knows about you - add an image, background image, contact details, business hours etc. Then turn on Online Booking and add your services - set up duration, availability, payment options and occupancy. Then turn on the Online Store and add products which shall be available for purchase. Set up shipping and payment options. Now your services and products can be ordered by your customers.

Where can I find it?

It's available for your iOS device with the latest Billdu update (iPhone and iPad), later also for Android. In the app's Settings look for Business Tools.

Inbox works on Billdu's website.

How does it look like?

Take a look to Settings - Sales channels - you'll find a preview of your web page - so called Instant page. All company details are displayed. A Book now or Buy now button is shown depending on added products or services. Take a look here to learn more.

Great! And what now?

You can share the online link, use it in your daily communication and route customers to your Instant page. Your customers can chat with you and contact you directly. They'll see an automated greeting message and can write you and order products or services (we'll notify you about any purchase). You'll find the conversation in the Inbox.

Nice, but I have my own website/social media profile

Use our widget to start selling on your website or social media like Facebook or Instagram. The integration to your profile on social media or website provides a convenient way for your customers to order goods and services, and still keep your orders, quotes, invoices and communication at one place.

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