Inbox will be discontinued by 10th October 2022.

After that you will email your documents as usual but there won't be any conversations in Inbox available so all replies from your clients will be routed do your email address.

The chat on Instant website won't be available either.

For more information contact our support team.


Inbox is a place for communication with your clients. You can manage your email messages, chats and documents in one single place.


Documents (invoice, quote, etc.) sent to your clients appears in the Inbox. You'll find all out- and ingoing communication in here.

When you send a document to your client, the get an email message with a button. By clicking on it, an online link to your document opens. Your client can pay an invoice or accept a quote/estimate - find a list of all actions below. When your client replies to you, you'll see the message in your Inbox.

Your clients can perform several actions. We'll notify you with an automated bot message about it.

Pay now - Pay the invoice with card or PayPal

Accept Estimate / Quote

Payment details - displays your bank account and reference

Print - print the document

Download - download the current document

Get Order - creates an order ready to be downloaded

Get Receipt - creates a cash receipt ready to be downloaded

Remind me - a reminder about a document


You can exchange attachments, documents and images with your clients. Open your inbox, search for a client and start writing a message. You can add attachment up to 15MB.

Documents are editable in the chat, that means you can edit any document directly in the chat window - no need to search for it in your list and resend it. Just let your customer know they can download it once more with the changes you've made.

Your clients can pay your invoices directly in the chat window with a Pay now button. If you send an estimate or quote, your clients can accept it through the Accept button. You will be notified by a push message on your mobile phone and in the chat window that your client accepted your offer. The status of the Estimate or Quote changes accordingly.

When your client also uses Billdu, they can generate a receipt, delivery note or purchase order directly in a chat window. Another feature is that you or your clients can set up reminders for a document. We'll send a notification message about the event later. Some features - as Signing a document by client - will appear soon.

The chat is spam-free and it guarantees a document delivery at all times. Your emails may get filtered or land in spam, this doesn't happen with our Inbox.


When you use our Business tools such as Online Store, Online Booking, Quote request or Website Widget, your customers can contact you through a chat window. All communication appears in your Inbox with your other messages. You can reply to your clients and potential customers.

Billdu's Inbox is a new feature and we are glad to hear from you about your experience and feedback.

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