Billchat is an all-in-one business messenger tool. You can communicate with your clients directly, get invoices paid, offer services and products, and a lot more. 

Billchat is an independent tool, but it can be integrated to Billdu - this way, you can send your invoices, quotes (and other documents) and messages to your clients. 

Billdu offers Billchat integration. If you select the Billchat icon and click on Connect to Billdu, the integration process is ready. Billchat is free, no fees are charged. 

After such connection is made:

  • online links of your documents will point to Billchat
  • - when your clients click on the online link you send, a Billchat window appears. A client can view, print, and download the invoice. Other actions (reply, signature, accepting estimate/quote, marking as paid) require the client signs up to Billchat
  • your clients get invitations to join Billchat
  • - Invitations are sent when creating or editing a client. This way you'll get all your clients invited to Billchat, and you can start to communicate right away
  • you can use Billchat as any other chat tool. You can send messages, images or documents, get replies, etc. 
  • your clients can signalize you that an invoice has been paid or accept your quotes/estimates
  • if you have card payments by PayPal enabled, your clients can pay invoices directly in the chat 
  • your clients can generate payment receipts and delivery notes on their own 
  • your BIllchat profile is active and you can fill it with your business data, business hours, phone number and more
  • make reservations from your Billdu items and let your users book the services you offer
  • add your billing or shipping address which will be used later for the purchases and reservations 

Stand-alone app

Your clients can use a mobile app, log in with their email and password and communicate with you more conveniently. Billchat is available for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app also enables to sign documents by your client


Please note:

Billchat currently supports just one business. This means you can connect Billchat only to one company within your Billdu account. 

Billchat does not support Stripe card payments. The Pay Now button won't be visible in the chat. We suggest to navigate to Settings - Email settings and templates and disable Point online link to Billchat to send online links with a Pay Now button. The Pay Now button will still be visible on sent PDF files. 

Close Billchat

If you don't wish to use Billchat at all, contact our support and we'll de-connect Billchat from your Billdu account. 

You can turn off Billchat under Settings - Email settings and templates and disable Use Billchat for communication

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