With Billdu you can export your documents, expenses, clients and items. The export tool is available on our Billdu website.


  • Click Documents and choose Invoices, Estimates, etc.
  • A list of documents appears
  • Select desired status or date filter (e.g. Unpaid invoices from Last year)
  • Mark the check-boxes of the documents you wish to export. Click on the most upper check-box to select all documents. You can also uncheck unwanted documents
  • Once a document has been checked then the number of selected documents and a new Actions button appear on the top of the page
  • Click on Actions
  • Select Export and choose between PDF, XLS and CSV

XLS and CSV files are suitable for MS Excel and will be downloaded immediately as one file.

A PDF export will be delivered to your e-mail (the same you used at login) as zipped PDF files. There are 20 invoices in one exported PDF file.


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